Destination weddings in Costa Rica are so popular because there are so many different locations to choose from to hold your ceremony.  The most popular backdrops are beach sunsets, in gardens, or in exotic mountain or rainforest locales.

Wedding ceremonies must be conducted by a lawyer who is a public notary in Costa Rica to be legal. However, the wedding text can be modified to insert prayers, poems, songs, or family readings. Destination Costa Rica uses lawyers who are bilingual in Spanish and English.

The Marriage Certificate

weddings in Costa Rica The procedure for a valid marriage in Costa Rica involves the signing of two documents upon conclusion of the wedding ceremony. One is a sworn statement attesting that you are single and freely able to marry. The other is the marriage document itself. After the ceremony, the lawyer must first submit all paperwork to the Civil Registry of Costa Rica before he can give you your Marriage Certificate.

The timeframe for processing the documents varies from about four to six weeks; this includes the translation and authentication of the Certificate by the Consular section of the Embassy of your country of birth (your passport). Once everything is ready, the Marriage Certificate will be sent to you via certified mail (an additional 10-15 days) to the address you have provided, along with instructions.

Note: If need proof of your marriage before you receive the Marriage Certificate, the lawyer can provide (upon request) a Notary Certification, which will work as valid proof of marriage within the private sector only, such as insurance companies or at work, for example.

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