The Turrialba Volcano is located about 40 kilometers (about 25 miles) east from San Jose, in the province of Cartago.

This stratovolcano, remained peacefully quite since it last registered eruption in 1886, until 2001 when some sights of activity started to show up.

In April 2009 the Turrialba increased emissions such sulfuric gas, did raise the security measures within the national park area, specially considering that was the only national park where visitors where allowed to walk in to the crater area.

Past January 06 the volcano began spewing ashes and more than 60 local residents in a 12 kilometers ratio had to be relocated in shelters because of health safety reasons.

As of today the affected areas are those immediately near the volcano, mostly cattle fields and few plantations and a little number of villages.

Neighbor towns, like Turrialba and Cartago do go on with their normal life and tourist activities as nature hikes (except of course the hikes to the volcano), white water rafting trips, canyoning, horseback riding, and mountain bike tours among others are still operating as normal.

Experts said that the volcano will continue to act up until it has fully relieved the long built-up tension.