When speaking of sustainable tourism, sometimes people don’t really understand the concept and think of being frugal, then again, it’s more than that. Sustainable tourism is about bringing a global awareness to traveling and putting it into action, which means that when visiting a place as a tourist, one must try to make only a positive impact on the environment, society, and economy.

Such is a top priority for the United Nations in the current year, as 2017 has been designated as the International Year of Sustainable Tourism for Development. Costa Rica has had a long history when it comes to sustainability and activating such within its economy, society at large and of course, tourism. It is one of the world’s leaders in sustainable tourism because without the natural environment’s diversity, its healthy society and blooming cultural heritage, it would seriously loose its attractiveness and the qualities that make it a unique place to travel and live!

The country has developed the CST, Certification of Sustainable Tourism, a program that balances how a company that works in the tourism industry interacts with both natural and cultural resources, how it improves the quality of life amongst local communities, and its economical contribution to other programs that provide national development.

A key component to this entire are the tourists, those thousands and thousands of passengers that have an important role, to adopt the green habits that are being explained and leaded within the places they visit. This is something that in Costa Rica is easily perceived because of the amount of years the country has had with implementing sustainability as part of their culture and lifestyle.

In addition, tours in the country are committed to running socially and environmentally responsible trips. Hotels have been green and keeping such by implementing a diversity of daily activities, reusing towels and sheets and installing low-flow showerheads, implementing amenity suppliers that are bio conscious, for example.

Responsible Tourism is an aspiration that can be realized in different ways in different originating markets and in the diverse destinations of the world (Goodwin, 2002).

As a DMC, we are proud to have the Certification of Sustainable Tourism, and work with suppliers in the country that follow their guidelines in order to keep up with the harmony within the environment and their surrounding ecosystems. If you’re seeking to travel responsibly and have fun along the way, book your customers’ trips and yours as well as yours with us.

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