Ever heard of people wanting to relocate to Costa Rica and not knowing how? Some people decide to relocate to the happiest place on Earth. Fear of the unknown sometimes makes us go online in search of information, finding the most wrong sources. None of that with us. We’ll make it as smooth as a transition as possible by providing you the right information and tools to make of your expat life a full on amazing one!

Whether you’re thinking about moving to Costa Rica for your retirement or maybe you have a new job, plan to start a business in paradise, or simply fell in love the Pura Vida lifestyle of this country, here are some tips on how to make it on Costa Rica and enjoy your relocation.

Choosing the right community

How do you choose this? Tell us what you want and what you like! Go with gut, tell us what you want to experience and live on your everyday basis, if it’s the city or the beach or the mountains, whatever you want, let us know to make it happen for you.

Live according to your regular lifestyle

By coming to Costa Rica, of course you’ll indulge a bit more than what you’re used to, but don’t aim to have your paradise dream with palm trees, turquoise beaches, and daiquiris a 24/7, 365 experiSan-Jose-Costa-Ricaence. Life is not a party, so first, enjoy your one-week or one-month vacation, book your trip, come and explore, live the tourist experience, get it off your system while seeking for the right place according to your budget to enjoy the best of both worlds.

Give us the right information

To make it as smooth and as simple as possible: make a list of what’s important for you and tell us about it. We will make sure to provide you the right information on how to get it all fulfilled. We’re the experts, so feel free to ask us anything… and we mean ANYTHING!

So much to do… so little money

Moving to Costa Rica might mean having a lot of free time, which may seem appealing but it can cost you a lot of money to enjoy many expensive hobbies, therefore, it’s important to consider these on your relocation budget as well as to have an unexpected expense account. You don’t want to end up living uncomfortable, you want to enjoy yourself in this beautiful place!

Those are just a few tips as to how to relocate to Costa Rica with no regrets and just an amazing view to the future. Book your trip with us ASAP by emailing us at destination@destinationcr.com and don’t forget to visit our Facebook at: https://goo.gl/yY3xZq