Group Trip?

Costa Rica is one of the countries with the greatest biodiversity in the world in a small territory. Actually, it is a privilege in many ways, thanks to its geographical location, its geology, its climate, its biological diversity, the warmth of its people, its culture, it can be an appropriate destination to include it in your next trip, because there are options for different tastes, ages, interests and economic levels.







Diverse Costa Rica

What do you think about to walk in the morning through the tropical forest, take fresh air and listen the birds singing and then in the afternoon go to see the sunset on some Pacific beach?

In relatively short distances, you can find beautiful beaches of white sand and turquoise waters, green mountains near or far from the city, active and inactive volcanoes, some of which the altitude allows to see the Pacific Ocean and the Atlantic Ocean at the same time ( unique place in the world where you can do it); rainforests, cloudy forest or tropical dry forests; cultures as diverse as the world (indigenous, european, afro-caribbean and asian influences), mixtures that make to the costarrican unique, with its friendly and warm way to be. Talk about the weather is important because it has an interesting behavior: despite having only two seasons (summer and winter) you can find many microclimates throughout the country. In addition, thanks to its mountains and volcanoes that cross the whole country from northwest to southeast and divide the country into a Pacific zone and Caribbean zone, the dry and rainy season is opposite and alternate. For this reason, if you like the sun, you can find it in Costa Rica for most of the year. Does not it seem incredible? About the biodiversity, it is recognized worldwide, for its abundant species of flora and fauna. All these factors become Costa Rica a suitable destination to visit.

Ideal for groups






For the above reasons, this country became popular around the world and it became necessary to implement all kinds of products and services to meet the demand and safety of our visitors. That is why it is an ideal destination to visit in groups, because it has established tour packages or personalized tour packages, it has an extensive tourist infrastructure and qualified professionals, so that your stay is a wonderful and unforgettable experience.

Some of these specific destinations and activities that we recommend to visit in group are: Manuel Antonio National Park and surroundings, Arenal Volcano in La Fortuna de San Carlos, City tour to visit San José, white water rafting on the Pacuare River, make a coffee tour in the highlands, visit the paradisiacal Tortuga Island or maybe visit the rainforest in the Braulio Carrillo National Park.

So come on, Costa Rica is waiting for you!