Costa Rica has two coastal shores, the Pacific and the Caribbean, a fact that draws tourists to want to explore Costa Rica fishing. Aside from surfing and scuba, fishing in Costa Rica is one of most popular water sports you can enjoy when you visit.
On the Pacific Coast, from The Gulf of Papagayo to the Osa Peninsula you will find some of the best spots for deep sea fishing this side of the western hemisphere.. The waters are teeming with naturally growing bait, this area sets catch records year after year.
A number of companies have deep sea fishing tours, so you need these to help you go further offshore to catch a fish like the thirty-foot Stamas. You can also catch Yellowfin tuna, Wahoos, Giant Dorados, Pacific Sailfish and three kinds of Marlin. Near the shore, the 1000 ft. deep waters of the gulf are full of a variety of fish as well. Rain-forested hills provide a scenic background as you fish for Sierra Mackerel, Snook, Pompano, Amber Jack, 4 types of snapper and other exotic species.
Aside from being prime time for Costa Rica fishing, the winter also happens to be the migratory season for whales, and this is the dry season in Costa Rica, when you will find warm perfect weather and blue skies. Whale sharks, Blue and humpback whales can all be seen on a tour. 3 different types of porpoises live here year round, so you are sure to see them as well. Sea snakes and sea turtles are other creatures you can see on land and in the water as well.
The Atlantic has great Costa Rica fishing opportunities as well. The months of November and December see the highest volume of fish in the waters, as small snooks begin their journeys into the rivers. They are only on average 5 pounds, but are fun to catch, and sometimes there are 30-pounders mixed in with the little ones. Late fall is the best time to catch the action at the river mouth. During this time you might catch a Bonita Dorado or a Big Jack Crevalle on a Costa Rica fishing trip.
Wrestling with the fishes is half the fun, and the guapote is a lively one, even though they’re only 3 to 12 pounds. Machaca will fight furiously with their water aerobics as they try to avoid capture, and range from 4-9 pounds. Catfish can be easily caught just standing on the dock, so you can continue the fun even once you’ve returned from your Costa Rica Fishing trip. Whether you want to reign in the monsters of the deep, or love the excitement of chasing schools of smaller airborne fish, fishing in Costa Rica is a blast for any fisherman.

Source: Destination 360