With the advantage of multiple hotels and resorts all over Costa Rica, there are numerous fantastic options for the setting of your dream wedding. From boutique hotels to big resorts to stunning private villas, it all depends on your taste and your dreams.

From the main items, like catering, pastry chef, linens and music, to the small things on your wish list, such as gift bags, pillow gifts, recycled wood decorations, handcrafted items, or anything else you may have in mind, Destination Costa Rica will find the right vendor for the services you want to hire for your perfect wedding.

Photography: Choosing the right photographer is one of the hardest jobs. This person will capture the essence of the day, and will tell your story forever. We offer the finest wedding photographers in the country.

Music: Costa Rica offers violins, saxophones, guitars, and marvelous voices. We offer the perfect background music for the perfect ambience; we can also arrange DJ services.

Flowers / Decorations: Costa Rica offers an exuberance of tropical flowers, such as orchids, heliconias, multicolor gingers, bird of paradise, hydrangeas, succulents, or the traditional beauty of roses and lilies. We can help you create the most marvelous arrangements, centerpieces and bouquets.

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