Also called “meseta central”, it is a geographic region located in the center of Costa Rica, in which the Great Metropolitan Area is located. It has the largest population in the c[...]
Wellness in Costa Rica! In Costa Rica, the phrase Pura Vida can mean so much. It is a “Good Morning”, a greeting, a “Nice to see you”, a “Thank You” andof course, “You’re Welcome” [...]
There’s always so much to do! Costa Rica, being the green and wellness destination it is, offers an array of activities to choose from in its various destinations. From “walking on[...]
We live in constant state of stress, our jobs, our families, our responsibilities.  We run all day long !! The news, the traffic jams,   all works together to turn us into a person[...]
UPCOMING YOGA RETREATS IN CALA LUNA AT TAMARINDO / PLAYA LANGOSTA Morning Flow: ALL LEVELS Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 7:30 a.m. – 60 min. class This class is a wonderful way t[...]