Also called “meseta central”, it is a geographic region located in the center of Costa Rica, in which the Great Metropolitan Area is located. It has the largest population in the c[...]
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Top 5 reasons why Costa Rica is All-Inclusive: LGBT+ The Pura Vida country lives by its motto: pure life. A life style to live by, not because there is no stress in the lives of Ti[...]
Beach & Mountain Trails While many consider Costa Rica to be a tropical paradise, most do not get the real feeling when exploring this country; you either get to experience the[...]
When speaking of sustainable tourism, sometimes people don’t really understand the concept and think of being frugal, then again, it’s more than that. Sustainable touri[...]
OUR FEATURED HOTEL: ARENAL KIORO SUITES & SPA PROMOTION 3×2 Arenal Kioro Suites & Spa offers a fabulous location with a natural viewpoint to the Arenal Volcano, and on[...]
National Parks are absolutely the best place to see for yourself all the biodiversity that you’ve heard so much about. Without a doubt they are the must-see destination for all vis[...]
What to take to the parks? Not too much. A small backpack with a camera, extra batteries, bathing suit, insect repellent, towel, extra t-shirt and underwear, dried fruit or energy [...]
Some are white, others brown or gray or black but whichever their color might be, each beach has its unique charm. Guanacaste has a total of over 125 miles of beaches, usually w[...]
Costa Rica’s most visited national park owes part of its popularity to its proximity to the urban centers of the Central Valley. But closeness itself is not reason enough to draw s[...]