Costa Rica is probably best known for its wildlife on land. But what some forget is that the waters right-off shore are full of life too. Sea turtles frequent the waters of Costa R[...]
The small village of Tortuguero is located in the Northeastern Caribbean Coast, 50 miles north of Limón town. It is comprised of a variety of cultures: Hispanic, Miskito Indian (Ni[...]
SEA TURTLES IN COSTA RICA As one of the planet’s most ancient species, sea turtles are a great fascination for nature lovers and children alike. The desire to see them up close is [...]
The park was created on February 6, 1989 by Executive Order 19441 MIRENEM not being the first Marine National Park in the country. Subsequently, its boundaries expanded in 1992 wit[...]
The lives of turtles and people have been intimately intertwined in the North Caribbean coast of Costa Rica, Tortuguero. Since the arrival of the first indigenous tribal group, rel[...]