Also called “meseta central”, it is a geographic region located in the center of Costa Rica, in which the Great Metropolitan Area is located. It has the largest population in the c[...]
Food in Costa Rica Hungry? We have some of the best cuisine you can think of! Our country has a wide range of establishments for the enjoyment of the best Costa Rican and internati[...]
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Costa Rica is best known as the ecotourism destination, a destination for wellness, the land of pura vida, where you come to relax, amuse yourself, discover, and explore… Ult[...]
Costa Rica is a country of farmers, we are a country that was based and was founded by farmers.  Nowadays tourism and technology are the most important product of Costa Rica, but f[...]
For the first time since late 1980!! Open every day from December 1st to June 30th.  For many years all the programs and visits faced the same dilemma: Manuel Antonio was closed on[...]
Southwest begin new route to Costa Rica on March 7, 2015. Southwest Airlines announced first destination in Central America with daily roundtrip service between Baltimore/Washingto[...]
SEPTEMBER 15th commemorates the independence of the entire Central America from Spain, which took place in 1821. The first elected Chief of State in C.R. was Juan Mora Fernández, w[...]
  As most of United States of America North America, Costa Ricans celebrate until August 15th.  Although the dates vary, the meaning behind Mother’s Day is the same across all cult[...]
DIQUÍS SPHERES TO BE DECLARED UNESCO WORLD HERITAGE SITE. JUNE 2014 Finca 6 de Palmar Norte es uno de los cuatro sitios arqueológicos en el municipio de Osa en el sur del Pacífico [...]
CHRISTMAS: COSTA RICA HOLIDAY TRADITIONS!!! Christmas in Costa Rica is a vibrant time – a celebration of the season, of lights and music, and of course, of family togetherness. Dur[...]