When speaking of sustainable tourism, sometimes people don’t really understand the concept and think of being frugal, then again, it’s more than that. Sustainable touri[...]
THE CURU WILDLIFE RESERVE The Curú Wildlife Refuge protects tropical dry forests, beach, and mangrove estuaries and rivers on Costa Rica’s southern Nicoya Peninsula, near Paquera a[...]
Costa Rica Tourist Board Launches an iPad Application: goCostaRica The “GoCostaRica” App is an exciting new Ipad application (iOS platform) designed by the Costa Rica Tourism Board[...]
A Magical and Natural World that includes: Butterfly Gardens, Frogs, Orchids, Sloths, Tarantulas, Caimans, Exhibit Halls, Turtles, Deer, Iguanas, Medicinal & Herbal Gardens, Biolog[...]
National Parks are absolutely the best place to see for yourself all the biodiversity that you’ve heard so much about. Without a doubt they are the must-see destination for all vis[...]
So far we’ve seen mammals, birds, and reptiles, but the humidity and near-constant rain of most Costa Rican forests are the ideal habitat for yet another class of animals: amphibia[...]