Beach & Mountain Trails

While many consider Costa Rica to be a tropical paradise, most do not get the real feeling when exploring this country; you either get to experience the beautiful mountains, rainforest and cloud forest, or you go and enjoy the amazing beaches of either side, north or south… But, how about getting the best of both worlds? Discover flora and fauna like never before!

Picture yourself staying at the cloud forest as soon as you land in San Jose to start your personal connection with nature. Oh, the excitement and adventures to come!

Once you are in Costa Rica, there is nothing else to do but to enjoy and relax the real Pura Vida lifestyle. Ease into the trip and discover iconic places such as La Fortuna, in Arenal, just to take a ride down the lake by pedaling and walking on water and then spend your afternoon and early evening by relaxing at some of the best hot springs of the world! Nothing but the best to enjoy Arenal and its surroundings.

Now, Costa Rica has some of the best beaches, and on this journey, you will be able to travel to the Northern Pacific of the country and visit some of the best spots in the country for hiking, surfing, relaxing, and so much more!

Right at the north of Costa Rica, you will spend some time at the beach of course, relaxing and soaking up the sun, but also discovering the amazing under the sea life or maybe taking some surfing lessons in the morning as your on-spot vacation workout, the choices are endless. Then in the afternoon, sip one or two piña coladas or margaritas at a catamaran and watch the sunset, as the night greets you for a delicious dinner at your hotel.

The journey ends once you go back to the airport and get on your plane for a safe flight back home, but the memories are unforgettable, the time you spent enjoying yourself, admiring nature, rejoicing in activities, the time you enjoyed with your loved ones, that is the secret of a great Costa Rican Vacation.

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