As a traditional catholic country Costa Rica Easter Week celebrations where introduced by Spain since the conquest and colonial periods.

Nowadays Ester week is a great opportunity to watch the charming processions performed all over the country.

From the religious perspective, it is a time of reflection and spiritual renewal where the main commemorated events are the crucifixion and resurrection of Christ.

It is also a fating period, where several special meals are prepared as part of the same traditional celebrations.

For many others Easter Week is mostly a time to relax and to have a good time. However, some people choose to stay at home and to join religious celebrations. Nearly everything shuts down from Thursday to Monday; some transportation services also stop completely.


A good number of locals do travel t the mountains or down to the beaches, especially, where they spend most of the week taking advantage of this “mid-summer” vacation.

Even when modern times brake and transform old traditions, the solemnity of Ester remains in the hearts no matter if spend this time at the beach or by your neighborhood church.


Remember this year Ester Week dates are from March 28 to April 04.

Contact us today and find out abut the special we have for this special week join us and experience more of our traditions, those that make our country a very unique place in the world.