Since May of this year, one of the most “stylish” and unusual species of whales in the world can be easily seen, at least once every fifteen days, in the southern Pacific of Costa Rica.

This information was released by Damián Martínez and David Palacios, biologists from the Keto foundation that monitors whales and dolphins in the area.

It is a “Bryde” whale, a saltwater mammal with big eyes that measures some 50ft. in length. Its size and weight are similar to the Humpback whale, although they seem a little “skinnier” since their bodies are more hydrodynamic.

Bryde whales are found mainly in tropical or subtropical seas. They were long confused with sei whales.

According to scientists, adult Bride whales have been seen visiting the Costa Rican coastline, and on two occasions there were females and their young. Whales traveling solo as well as in groups, up to 8, have been seen near the coast.

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