Past January 28, the Costa Rican government officially inaugurated the 77 kilometer (48 miles, approx.) highway between San José and the Central Pacific area of the country.

The roadway stretches across bridges built hundreds of feet above rivers in places and paved lanes rise and descend gently around gradual mountain curves.

The new road cuts the time of the old San José-Caldera trip in half – from approximately 90 minutes to roughly 45 minutes – and a one-way trip costs four wheel vehicles ₡ 1,930 ($3.47).

The driving time to destinations like Jaco and Manuel Antonio will be shorten to 80 minutes and two hours, respectively, instead of the 2 to 4 hours that actually takes through the other traditional roads.

At the same time you will also be able to reduce your driving time to Guanacaste and the South Pacific of the country too when using this new alternative.

Currently the Central pacific of the country is among the most visited by local and foreign tourists.

CANATUR (National Tourism Chamber) estimated that more than 550 000 (37%) of the visitors that entered the country via the Juan Santa Maria International Airport, did travel to that region of Costa Rica.

Once again Costa Rica most exotic attractions are closer to you and Destination Costa Rica makes them easier reach.

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