There’s always so much to do!

Costa Rica, being the green and wellness destination it is, offers an array of activities to choose from in its various destinations. From “walking on water” at Lake Arenal to enjoying the cloud forest from amazing bridges where you are almost literally walking through the sky.

As the country itself presents various things to do, the choices are endless when it comes to things to do. For first time travelers, there’s always an easy way to enjoy the country and its wondrous things, according to your interests, but in general, we rather suggest you some must-do-activities while in Costa Rica, those that aren’t a miss, simply hits! Check our ideas below at three iconic destinations to visit:

While in San Jose or the central valley, you can choose to visit various museums, art galleries, dine out at wonderful restaurants with great food, or have coffee al fresco style. Enjoy a play or visit the National Theatre, while enjoying the local and international influences Costa Rica offers. Afterwards, you can your hotel in San Jose as a main hub to explore the local rainforest, take a local trip to one of the most impressive coffee companies, learn about this magnificent drink, and have a wonderful time at La Paz Waterfall Gardens to discover nature.

If you have heard the story of this magnificent turquoise river in Costa Rica, you might probably think it is not as blue as they say. Well, it is. Come see it yourself, it’s all about Rio Celeste and the amazing flora and fauna to be seen right in the heart of the northern plains of the country, land of various micro-climates, breathtaking scenes, and the most pink sunsets you’ll ever see.

Moving along Costa Rica is easy, maybe a private transfer would do the trick or a shared shuttle, or perhaps, rent a car and have it your way at your own time. Move around to the Central Pacific, specifically to Jaco and have some wonderful time with some ATV, zip-line or horseback riding adventures, seeing scarlet macaws at Carara National Park, or an open sea stand-up-paddle or kayak adventure. Anything to relax, enjoy, and simply have amazing time with your loved ones!

There you have it. Maybe it is a lot to think of, but believe us when we say; you will have a wonderful time at these three places and say with confidence that Costa Rica suits you well! Pura Vida people!

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