GROUPS & INCENTIVE RECOMMENDATIONS **SPA GROUPS: COSTA RICA, RELAXATION** Costa Rica offers on a single destination, an incredible combination of nature, adventure, leisure and[...]
COSTA RICA TRAVELLER’S ITINERARIES: THE FIRST TIMER ** Get a taste of the best of Costa Rica in one week **. New to Costa Rica? Don’t know where to start? Or maybe you have a week [...]
A Magical and Natural World that includes: Butterfly Gardens, Frogs, Orchids, Sloths, Tarantulas, Caimans, Exhibit Halls, Turtles, Deer, Iguanas, Medicinal & Herbal Gardens, Biolog[...]
A group of baby and adolescent howler monkeys swing around the jungle canopy with an easy agility that would make even the most accomplished trapeze artist shuffle his feet and fee[...]
National Parks are absolutely the best place to see for yourself all the biodiversity that you’ve heard so much about. Without a doubt they are the must-see destination for all vis[...]
Located at the western part of the country and short distance from San José, the Central Pacific is well-known for its beautiful beaches and protected areas! Pleasant weather, stun[...]
Our evolved specie consumes immense amounts of energy every day. For centuries, that energy has been obtained by burning wood, and more recently, by burning fossil combustibles suc[...]
It isn’t hard to get to know Costa Rican nature. The country’s strong conservation ethic and the accessibility of protected areas make it easy to enjoy Costa Rica’s famed natural s[...]
Biodiversity is a resource with enormous potential, both for intellectual and economic purposes and as an instrument for a country’s development. The tropical zones of the American[...]
Every one of us is easily marveled at this small country inhabited by 5% of all the species in the planet. We are enchanted with the beaches, the forests and the landscapes. But t[...]