Democracy is not only the type of government of Costa Rica. Democracy is also the source of tremendous pride in a country that has more teachers than policemen and not having a standing army since 1948.

Costa Rica political system is represented by three powers: The Executive Power, The Legislative Power and the Judicial Power. The Elections Supreme Court is considered the fourth power of the Republic. Among other positions of popular representation, the President of the Republic is elected through direct representation by secret ballot.

Elections are an incredibly interesting sociological phenomenon for any foreign observer. This event is held every four years, on the first Sunday in February. The days previous to the big event turn into a national party.

Even in remote areas, children and adults stand by the roadside or ride cars honking horns and waving their party’s flag. Anybody over eighteen can vote in the country’s schools which are equipped for this purpose during election time.

The democratic nature of voting is reinforced by separate elections for presidential, legislative and municipal offices; one can vote for one party’s presidential candidate and for another group’s municipal president.

On February 07, Costa Rica will celebrate once again this outstanding national party. Come and be part of this event, commemorating with us the gala of democracy.