Costa Rica is best known as the ecotourism destination, a destination for wellness, the land of pura vida, where you come to relax, amuse yourself, discover, and explore… Ultimately, you have your personal experience with nature.

However, as time goes by and the travelers become more and more fascinated about new things to look for and to enjoy in various places, Costa Rica is also being known internationally within the musical circuit. The country has its own National Symphony Orchestra, founded back in 1970 by Gerald Brown, an American and knew that Costa Rica was to be known for its culture as well.

Every year, the National Symphony Orchestra, holds its season from April to November, and during those months, many visitors from around the world gather in San Jose, the Capital City, specifically at the National Theater, to enjoy concerts and various days of the week. The orchestra usually will host internationally acclaimed guest soloists and conductors, or be at par with other orchestras from various places, both private and public ones from countries and entities like institutes and universities abroad.

With so much interest happening, Costa Rica has grown to conform its own International Festival of Music, which is held every year during the last two weeks of August. This festival brings together renowned, talented musical artists from all over the world that perform in various venues around the country, including the National Theater and the Metropolitan Cathedral in the capital city of San Jose. With so much to do, there’s a need for the best accommodations for artists, passengers, and everyone in between.

Another famous musical festival, not with many classical tunes, is the Envision Festival, where fans of electronic beats and psychedelic enthusiasts come together in a bunch of stages to dance and have the time of their lives. This festival has also opened itself to various other activities such as yoga, art and crunchy delicious food! Organize your group of travelers and let us help you with everything!

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