Magical and Green Monteverde

To say that a place is magical, does not really mean you will be finding elves or sorcerers, it means that the majestic beauties of nature along with their offerings will take you in.

A places as such is Monteverde, a cloud forest where you literally are surrounded by the clouds, experiencing some of the wildest changes in the weather, from sunny and mild, to cool and a bit moist. It is a place where you can enjoy tons of adventures.

The cloud forest of Monteverde has some of the highest elevations in the country, and the coolest temperatures as well. This is the perfect spot for birdwatching. National Geographic has called the Monteverde Cloud Forest Biological Reserve “the jewel in the crown of cloud forest reserves”. Newsweek has declared Monteverde the world’s #14 “Place to Remember Before it disappears”.

To get to Monteverde, you can have a private transfer scheduled or perhaps rent a car for your complete holiday. We got you covered!

To experience this place, you do not have to sacrifice comfort, luxury, or anything. The hotels in Monteverde have everything you need, from lodges to exuberant places to relish on basic requirements and amenities that go beyond your regular needs.

How to see Monteverde? You can walk through it, hike around the reserves, visit the critters at night on a night walk, zip line your way through the cloud forest or see it from above with the Skywalk, a complex of suspended bridges, platforms and paths, built within the cloud forest of Monteverde. This allows the observation of flora and fauna from ground level all the way to the top of the trees. It is an unforgettable experience!

For those seeking something different and unique, Monteverde is the place to visit, to see, to feel. Your time will be pleasant and you will have memories to cherish for a lifetime.

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