Located on the Central Pacific Coast of Costa Rica, the Guacalillo Estuary and the Tárcoles River offer the chance to observe one the largest colony of crocodiles in the world, the richest Mangrove Forest in the mid pacific coast and the most important conservation area for the Scarlet Macaw in the country.

Their brilliant colours – bright red orange plumage with touches of blue and yellow -, long pointed tail and wings makes the Scarlet Macaw easy to recognize as they fly over the boat or make noises from the mangrove canopy along the estuary.

The boat heads along the mangrove, an awesome ecosystem that feature four different species of mangrove trees; they represent an important nesting site for birds including the beautiful Scarlet Macaw and a shelter and nutrient spot for many fish and invertebrates, also, because of the leaf falling and subsequent microbial and fungal decomposition, the mangrove swamps are extremely important for marine productivity.

As the boat goes near the river banks, tourist can be offer with the great opportunity of a close up look of wild crocodiles up to fifteen feet long each.  The crocodile was very common in mangrove swamps and coastal rivers, but in the past decades its population was severely decimated by skin hunters, nowadays, thanks to conservation programs, the last inventory along the Tárcoles River within the areas of the Carara Biological Reserve gave a result of 80 to 240 individuals per mile of river.

In addition over two hundred and fifty different kinds of birds can be found in the area, including king fishers, rosette spoonbills, great herons, anhingas, nigh herons and much more.  The Tárcoles River is one of the most important feeding sites for resident and migratory birds and a very important mating & refuge site for mammals and reptiles.

Departures: Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays

Tour includes: Round trip transportation from San Jose, Tour Guide, boat tour, drinks, fruits and lunch.

Remember that you can include this tour also as part of your private land transfer going to Jaco or Manuel Antonio.

Our experienced team will help you planning how to fit this and other great activities on your client’s itinerary.