Costa Rica is a great adventure destination and exploring on your own, driving between locations making it your own way, is part of that adventure.

Now, there are quite a good number of options out there that would offer that car rental service you need to add to that vacation package, why would I consider renting through Destination Costa Rica ?

Well, we can put it simple and say: “Personalized quality service”

Working with only the best car rentals in country Destination Costa Rica can assure that your passenger will get premium services like:

  • Great value rates
  • The largest variety of vehicles accommodating all your needs
  • The lowest rental deposit, exclusively for Destination Costa Rica clients.
  • Free airport shuttle.
  • GPS Service
  • 24/7 road assistance
  • Offices near the main tours locations around the country.
  • Free car delivery when staying at hotels near one of our car rental suppliers offices around the country
  • Cell phone rental
  • Baby seat and boosters available

So, do not think it twice, get on board and enjoy the ride of your life,

Call us know and find more about renting a car through Destination Costa Rica.

*Some services are subject to an additional daily fee

*Some services apply for complementary cost depending on the insurance coverage selected by your client.