Group Trip? Costa Rica is one of the countries with the greatest biodiversity in the world in a small territory. Actually, it is a privilege in many ways, thanks to its geographica[...]
Romantic Destination             Costa Rica offers a great diversity of romantic places to visit, some even close to the Juan Santamaría International Airp[...]
One of the Best Places in the World to Spot Humpback Whales. Costa Rican waters are home to dozens of marine mammal species and spotted, or bottle nose dolphins commonly escort sma[...]
A Magical and Natural World that includes: Butterfly Gardens, Frogs, Orchids, Sloths, Tarantulas, Caimans, Exhibit Halls, Turtles, Deer, Iguanas, Medicinal & Herbal Gardens, Biolog[...]
A group of baby and adolescent howler monkeys swing around the jungle canopy with an easy agility that would make even the most accomplished trapeze artist shuffle his feet and fee[...]
Famous Curú Wildlife Refuge, with a unique beauty has a great variety of wild life, and offers an ideal place to see and enjoy nature in secure and peaceful surroundings. With as l[...]
The park was created on February 6, 1989 by Executive Order 19441 MIRENEM not being the first Marine National Park in the country. Subsequently, its boundaries expanded in 1992 wit[...]
Nearly every visitor to the tropical rainforest will have heard of its legendary biodiversity dozens of species make each visit unique and thrilling. For many, the exuberance of tr[...]