Also called “meseta central”, it is a geographic region located in the center of Costa Rica, in which the Great Metropolitan Area is located. It has the largest population in the c[...]
Group Trip? Costa Rica is one of the countries with the greatest biodiversity in the world in a small territory. Actually, it is a privilege in many ways, thanks to its geographica[...]
Food in Costa Rica Hungry? We have some of the best cuisine you can think of! Our country has a wide range of establishments for the enjoyment of the best Costa Rican and internati[...]
Romantic Destination             Costa Rica offers a great diversity of romantic places to visit, some even close to the Juan Santamaría International Airp[...]
YOGA IN COSTA RICA The discipline of yoga is becoming increasingly popular in Costa Rica and many hotels around the country have developed specialized spaces for the practice of th[...]
Beach & Mountain Trails While many consider Costa Rica to be a tropical paradise, most do not get the real feeling when exploring this country; you either get to experience the[...]
SEPTEMBER 15th commemorates the independence of the entire Central America from Spain, which took place in 1821. The first elected Chief of State in C.R. was Juan Mora Fernández, w[...]
COSTA RICA HOLIDAY: JULY 25TH Guanacaste’s Annexation to Costa Rica July 25 commemorates the annexation of the province of Guanacaste to Costa Rica, which occurred in 1824. Prior t[...]
EASTER WEEK IN COSTA RICA April 13th to 20th, 2014 As a predominantly Catholic country, Easter is one of the most important holiday seasons of the year in Costa Rica. For the devou[...]
CHRISTMAS: COSTA RICA HOLIDAY TRADITIONS!!! Christmas in Costa Rica is a vibrant time – a celebration of the season, of lights and music, and of course, of family togetherness. Dur[...]