Also called “meseta central”, it is a geographic region located in the center of Costa Rica, in which the Great Metropolitan Area is located. It has the largest population in the c[...]
A Magical and Natural World that includes: Butterfly Gardens, Frogs, Orchids, Sloths, Tarantulas, Caimans, Exhibit Halls, Turtles, Deer, Iguanas, Medicinal & Herbal Gardens, Biolog[...]
A group of baby and adolescent howler monkeys swing around the jungle canopy with an easy agility that would make even the most accomplished trapeze artist shuffle his feet and fee[...]
National Parks are absolutely the best place to see for yourself all the biodiversity that you’ve heard so much about. Without a doubt they are the must-see destination for all vis[...]
Our evolved specie consumes immense amounts of energy every day. For centuries, that energy has been obtained by burning wood, and more recently, by burning fossil combustibles suc[...]
The area surrounding the Tenorio Volcano is loaded with exuberant views and an array of particularly gorgeous sights. And here, nestled between mountains and forests, a highly unu[...]
In order to reflect and respond to the urgent need for proper management of waste, Terra Nostra Association (ATN) takes place throughout September, the National Cleaning Day III ab[...]
ISLA SAN LUCAS – The prisoners once held captive on the Isla San Lucas are long gone, leaving behind only lurid drawings and harrowing excerpts on crumbling walls, offering glimpse[...]
United Biofuels of America (UBA) has developed a program to sell renewable energy farms to potential green tech investors, the first of its kind in the world. The President of UBA [...]