The park was created on February 6, 1989 by Executive Order 19441 MIRENEM not being the first Marine National Park in the country. Subsequently, its boundaries expanded in 1992 wit[...]
The area surrounding the Tenorio Volcano is loaded with exuberant views and an array of particularly gorgeous sights. And here, nestled between mountains and forests, a highly unu[...]
In order to reflect and respond to the urgent need for proper management of waste, Terra Nostra Association (ATN) takes place throughout September, the National Cleaning Day III ab[...]
ISLA SAN LUCAS – The prisoners once held captive on the Isla San Lucas are long gone, leaving behind only lurid drawings and harrowing excerpts on crumbling walls, offering glimpse[...]
For travelers or recent expatriates from the United States or Canada, the many familiar bird species found in Costa Rica may be surprising. The warblers, tanagers, and buntings tha[...]
It isn’t hard to get to know Costa Rican nature. The country’s strong conservation ethic and the accessibility of protected areas make it easy to enjoy Costa Rica’s famed natural s[...]
Nearly every visitor to the tropical rainforest will have heard of its legendary biodiversity dozens of species make each visit unique and thrilling. For many, the exuberance of tr[...]
Ecotourism, sustainable tourism, responsible tourism… all those words are very much in fashion. In Costa Rica like elsewhere in the world it is sometimes hard to distinguish green [...]
Worldwide, many companies gladly provide their products and services nowadays with a supplementary eco endorsement, even though the customers don’t often exactly know if the enviro[...]