A Romance… When you decide to start a life together with your loved one, you usually share such decision with the most important people in your life: your family and friends, those that will share your joy and will be just as happy as you are for your new life’s chapter. The new[...]
Wellness in Costa Rica! In Costa Rica, the phrase Pura Vida can mean so much. It is a “Good Morning”, a greeting, a “Nice to see you”, a “Thank You” andof course, “You’re Welcome” It has been part of the Costa Rican slang for centuries and it has become the official “slogan” of this t[...]
Magical Monteverde
Magical and Green Monteverde To say that a place is magical, does not really mean you will be finding elves or sorcerers, it means that the majestic beauties of nature along with their offerings will take you in. A places as such is Monteverde, a cloud forest where you literally are s[...]
There’s always so much to do! Costa Rica, being the green and wellness destination it is, offers an array of activities to choose from in its various destinations. From “walking on water” at Lake Arenal to enjoying the cloud forest from amazing bridges where you are almost literally w[...]
True Love
True Love Spending time with your significant other means being able to share various activities and adventures, and nothing beats having a romantic getaway to the tropics. How about spending some time with your lover here in Costa Rica? Think about an 8-day experience with no one els[...]
A Forest Adventure To speak of forests is to speak about Costa Rica. The Pura Vida country is filled with luscious nature, where you can spot amazing and unique flora and fauna. There are several places in Costa Rica to experience the rainforest during your stay and vacation. You’d th[...]
Beach & Mountain Trails While many consider Costa Rica to be a tropical paradise, most do not get the real feeling when exploring this country; you either get to experience the beautiful mountains, rainforest and cloud forest, or you go and enjoy the amazing beaches of either side[...]
Music Get the best
Costa Rica is best known as the ecotourism destination, a destination for wellness, the land of pura vida, where you come to relax, amuse yourself, discover, and explore… Ultimately, you have your personal experience with nature. However, as time goes by and the travelers become[...]