A Romance…

When you decide to start a life together with your loved one, you usually share such decision with the most important people in your life: your family and friends, those that will share your joy and will be just as happy as you are for your new life’s chapter.

The news and preparation of such union is shared everywhere, phone calls, texts, social media pictures, engagement dinners, and so much more, which are, nowadays, considered part of what’s to come: the wedding ceremony.

Most of the time, this event is a once-in-a-lifetime kind of thing. Anxiousness, excitement, tears of joy and so much more, starts to build up among the fortunate couple and those surrounding them, all in hope of the best for a better future together.

Wedding planning is not an easy task. Every couple needs to have on their side the right team of specialists that have the knowledge and experience to plan out the event, for the operation of such to be as smooth as possible, something we do as experts in the field. We take care of the bookings and requests your group of guests have and working directly as your wedding designers or with your trustworthy wedding planner-

To have your wedding in Costa Rica is probably one of the most experiences you and your loved one will ever have, alongside your friends and family, with nature as the witness of your romance and love for one another.

A beach wedding or maybe one in the forest near a river, around a lake or with majestic views of a volcano is an event where you will all be engaged in the splendors of the many striking places to be wed in this amazing country where everything and anything is possible.

And after the wedding ad maybe a little bit of party who never hurt nobody, you will have some of the most romantic days in Costa Rica, the start of your custom made honeymoon. You can have your romance, your adventures, cooking classes and the most dreamy setups everywhere.

Plan your dream wedding and honeymoon with us! Email us at destination@destinationcr.com. Oh and, check our Facebook for updates and so much more!