Sustainable Tourism

Maybe you have heard about “Sustainable Tourism” in Costa Rica or maybe you have seen the logo above, but what is it about?

What are the benefits on it that this program carries and why should I care about using or not those companies that are certified as Sustainable?

As follows you will find answers to these and several other questions about the subject.

The concept of sustainability

The development of sustainable tourism must be seen as the balanced interaction between the use of our natural and cultural resources, the improvement of the quality of life among the local communities, and the economic success of the industry, which also contributes to national development. Sustainable tourism is not only a response to demand, but also an imperative condition to successfully compete now and in the future. (Definition of Sustainable Tourism, CST, 1997)

Sustainability, as a model of development, seeks to meet the current demands of society without compromising the rights of future generations to meet theirs. That is to say, the development of the country cannot be based on the unbalanced exploitation of resources (natural, cultural, social, etc.) to meet the demands of society (food, housing, health, employment) because these are the only resources we have, and that future generations have, to meet our and their own needs.

Certification for Sustainable Tourism

The CST’s fundamental purpose is to make sustainability a practical and necessary reality within the context of the country’s competitiveness in tourism, while looking to improve the way that natural and social resources are used, encourage the active participation of local communities and provide a new source of competitiveness within the business sector.

What is 100% responsible tourism?

  • It is the type of tourism that the country needs.
  • It is efficient operations that promote conservation and efficient use of resources.
  • It is tourism that is committed to the community and its needs, seeking dedication and solutions for the environment.
  • It is the certification of all tourism businesses that must be dedicated to carrying out conservation measures and handling risks to nature appropriately.
  • The business takes measures to avoid emissions, harmful products and pollution.
  • It implements conservation and natural risk reduction measures.
  • The business efficiently handles waste that it produces.
  • It uses natural, biodegradable, and recyclable products.
  • It has a water and electrical energy conservation program.
  • It encourages you to experience the country’s natural wealth and insists on its care and conservation. It complies with norms that the tourist establishment must uphold in terms of the environment, wildlife, archeological heritage, and social guarantees of the country.
  • It employs and trains neighboring communities where it operates.
  • It promotes the traditions and customs of the country, as well as typical food and national handicrafts.

Each time you see the CST label on an establishment or tour operator agency, you will know:

Source: ICT

Because we care about what we do and want to share it with you, Destination Costa Rica is currently listed as a CST certified tour operator and we are very proud of it.

You can have the certainness that every time you book through our company you are helping to make of this a better world.